11 September 2011

Puisi Isbedy Stiawan ZS

Poems by Isbedy Stiawan ZS

A Year Later, Writing Inscription

open your door, not need

widely, I immediately rushed

then a row of sign embraced

in my lips by a line of your tongue

and room that be vague

sang the beat

-whrere is your heart?-

-this is my heart

then as lover

we climbed the hill of poem

write your poem

in the fontanel 0f hill

and for flyer

wii be made into the light

forget fishes

in the sea

because in the hill of poem

we alreaady taken the form

of horse

I am a woman, you said

What ‘s need the clan?

but that poems

will be re- read

: a happening

from adam and eve

who still be have the time to suffer constantly

wut arriving in this place too

“ you said, a garden

with be planted the apple

will be picked afterwards

a year later

: we attended

for writing the inscription

17 January 2011


translated by Ahmad Muhaimin

Now You Have Gone

how can I forget you, you said, while combing your hair so that not tangle after take a bath that afternoon, just awhile I will leave you, and you have gone after closing again the room with lamp that be obscured, arranging the other plans, taking books, putting in order, tidying that be scattrered in table and bed, but those bedsheet and blanket you unfolded again, let it be still rumpled for witness that I have been rocked by you, and I have been received brideprice

of traveling

since on poem that I imagined

now you have returned, not forgetting all of that you have given, but only wanted to tidy up torns of body , I must can begin , you said, for repeating again in the other day with you, and I will always wait, will I poure every leaves that growing that five sheets to no-drying by wittered seasson

“you know , that five sheet- leaves is our seedling in rainy day

And you place exatcly in corner of bed, you can remember every time, then hoping to grow become the tree from your womb: a long sentence and we mean variaties of interpretation from human’s journey...” as my message that I entrust between rest of that signs, books, sentence, five of sheet-leaves, door with number of 317, also rain and lamp that holding on table, and noisy of television, call od handphone, and

fried potato for the two of us

now you have returned now you have gone seriously


translated by Ahmad muhaimin

You Know I Am Fathet Of Millions Poems

That Loss The Parent After It Was Born

if you have arrived in destination city, did not knew me no more in order to send news

that stabled your comfort time, enough I knew you are a traveler

heading to sand city, but forgetting to carry comb that be leaved in my hair, a million

prayer that I attached on high sky, will pour as rain that always you longed for if it was wetest weather. that players will guarded you, that prayers cooled you when your heart was baked by hot sand

in a city on every corner the hole ber wide -opened the leftover of result of digging bu

hard hands and was sweated , the city that very formerly ever too neglectful wrote the memory for me, moreover did not want to note my address of my tomb

because I was only the outsider: stping in then going home, but having time leaved behind

my sole of foot that all along the road, going in and out market ...

if prayers which I sended was over, I waited you asking again but not for informing or wanting to know my predestination, because our destinations were different, because our fates were regulatedd by the regulator as differently, so walk you to destination city, sow dreams so that is germinated, and write when you born that children of poems, you will care for my children, willn’t you? Yoy asked, you knew I was father of millions poems which losses the parents after been born, I was the sifter forthis grain of poems , before then washing away too because the sea

because river because rain because the sun because sesons

that very

difficult was guessed

here I also dreamed every city of destination

because always saved my name and reminiscence

March, 4, 2011-7:28

translated by ahmad muhaimin

With My One Index Finger

with my one index finger thousands directions was scattered

then with what else you can afford to lie me?

bodies that was opened I have got in

in every sentence that I flew

as water that be river, water that I dug

from hills faraway from sun that you guarded

with full-love entire power

with my one index finger millions place I headed

then with which manner else you can hid myself/

roads wll get blister ships will moored

sea will be dryed after have waved

kicking all of one’s moving in sea

also yourself till dead to cast away

one index finger will be headed to millions places:

you should choose , betwen that you prefered

you will be throw till to my index finger

and asking a line of wheez

then are there manner I hurt you

you asked. confused

but your face was elegant

moka, 4311-15:01

translated by ahmad muhaimin

No time to Give Title
Because Got Hurry That Bird Leaving the Nests ,
And I Just Stared In Quiet

I want you to give the title
because the bird have hurried to leave the
nest, and I just stared in quite

if you are now breathing the air in another city, remember always smell my breath which had stopped
some time. also opium smoking, fragrant of hair, or dance of my hands as a dancer on stage:
in body tha always send the city maps river wilderness of grass bird’s smile lamps
and butterfly. Remember also how I always keep the trust and you are always honesty - to
while - no matter how I know, there may still be a secret in your the pocket of shirt or

in it, I saw birds which scratch each time fylied scratcing horizon or stopped at the new branch
and unfamiliar. "Is the bird, always liked for the new branch?"

however, you always assured me, wherever the bird have flied it will be back to the nest. and you, you said
to me, was a nest of very be nest. because in my nest you sang: singing the joyful

poems - I know, though not all can you tell -.

because you're still woman, birds that chirping whereas depressed. which is always silent in the cage,
whreas you is longing nature. because do not hurt me with your peck secretly ...

let me enjoyed the whole nest and the color of your wings. even if I wounded , my blood will get to you too

2 March 2011 (at 18.30)

translated by ahmad muhaimin

Happening one morning

in long bench in front of television

on a room was still silence

finally you-I wrote poem

about friendship. ‘but

this one sentence is for love, and

a kiss is for morning that

still –passion,” you said

I magnified volume of television

and a key in your hand

danced as be moved

from inside of room that be vague

full of snore

“good morning,” you said in front of

door as signer

only morning that knew

prada hotel palembang, 16.07.2011

translated by ahmad muhaimin

Memory is

: budisantoso budiman

I took the pounding of musi to royal bed
I put to sleep to your face
who had time to floating
and waved before
when I sat on the very-edge

and flickering lights
also jukung * was nasalised
seemed to want to pull me
"let us embrace,
embrace : I am musi
that eve you've said. I am
musi have soldered
by hand of soekarno! "
said jukung

then benteng besak**
want to persuade me: go
into my yard, was pictured
or plug in pledge
"I want to kiss you again,
because I've been drinking

your vinegar ....

spicy on the tongue
warm in the body
"this is archipelago,
I look after until death
he dignity ... "I said
overlooking benteng Besak

: I carry the memories
to royal bed this evening ...

plmbng, 15/07/11; 22.59

* a kind of larger boat

** a bastion in Palembang. In seaside of Musi River

translated by ahmad muhaimin

Have You Already Forgot

to January that had the rain

did you forget the way into that space
awhile you, one day, once encaged
when rain fell near the window. and you were shivering

waiting who arrived after some time
you got in: - you play the fingers, such as
replace the needle when the slow rotating
just drive away a quiet . also fried potato snack
and a glass of cold coffee that be back to cool
like look at to you nonstop, as if
want to crush your lips first -

if you have forgotten the road that makes you

was encagedt, one time, ever want to cuddle stars
because it had been years since your evening quiet
and you sleep never was cried by baby: - make your snore be worsen,
as a boom in the staircase. step become to break
until you like as silent as the dawn –

if you really have to forget where you have moored
and dismantle all want? until now you could
return to sea with a stomach that stores
rowdy, and a thousand cries of babies: - maybe tomorrow will you spit out
as a loose bow -

if ...


translated by Ahmad Muhaimin

Only twillight

only twillight knew

when this meeting

was ended? Then I delivered

that little time

came out the road

that a while ago was passed

stll got taste of sweat

of your hand in my hand

still wet too

in line of my lips

‘a while ago that apple

I enjoyed it, and now

still I am tasting it....” I said

wanting to slice it again

but you canceling

to tomorrow

“in order to sweet...”

23-26 Juny 2011

translated by Ahmad Muhaimin

Wearing a necklace of full moon

-dzafirah adeliaputri

you had the tree wake up

you had drizzle brought in

after adzhan*, friday

that very enthusiasm

welcame each of who’s come

with tens of cry

after that you will smile

moreover toward ordeal

your torch from my oil of love

in guarding your dignity

for the sake of regardest Friday

you scraped the time that flying away

you want to embrace stickly

as woman who arrivire

in the day that light

before presence of drizzle

after your crying

moving quickly in forward

having hammer of power

wearing anecklace of full mooon

1 July 2011; 12.35

translated by Ahmad Muhaimin

* call for prayer


the next you were quiet
looked at the trees
as your blaket the dusk was
while glueing your lips

"you just pour it
for growing new flower
and my body felt cold
by blow of wind ... "you said

next you move the body
as if it will blister
beside me: and I catch up
drizzle to make
you as a jewel

I like gems sparkle of gems
on your lips. "This my ear," you said
then I whispered one word
that you thinked poetry
and I added the title
but only you who understand it.

the rest just dark
straightforward way
to headed home
or be wander

"do not note tomorrow,
because I have not yet
writen the schedule, " you said

I actually never waited
because, maybe, tomorrow Iwill die
be stoned by the silence ...


translated by ahmad muhaimin

ISBEDY STIAWAN ZS born and raised in Tanjungkarang (Bandar Lampung ) on June 5, 1958. Writing poetry, short stories, essays, and journalistic works that scattered in different media in Jakarta and regions namely Kompas, Koran Tempo, Java Post, Suara Merdeka, Sinar Harapan, Media Indpnesia, Suara Pembaruan, Jurnal Nasional, Horizon, Nova, Suara Karya, Pikiran Rakyat, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Lampung Post, Radar Lampung, Haluan, Padang Express , Riau Pos, Harian Global, and others.

His book that is already published some 15 books, he was among a collection of short stories Perempuan Sunyi, Dawai Kembali Berdenting, Ziarah Ayah, Hanya untuk Satu Nama (Just for One Name), Bulan Rebah di Meja Digger (the Moon was laid on the table ofDiggers) , Seandainya Kau Jadi Ikan ( If You're become Fish) , Selembut Angin Setajam Ranting ( as gentle as wind as sharp as twigs) . Collection of his poetry : Aku Tandai Tahi lalatmu ( I Marked your mole) , Menampar Angin (Slapping Wind), Lelaki yang Membawa Matahari ( The man who brings the Sun) , Laut Akhir ( The Ended Sea) , Setiap Baris Hujan (Every Line of Rain) , Kota Cahaya (The Lights City ) Anjing Dini Hari (The Early Day Dog), and the newest Taman di Bibirmu ( Garden in the Your lips ) (March 2011).

Several times invited to the literary and cultural events such as the Utan Kayu International Literary, Ubud Writer and Reader Festival, Pertemuan Sastrawan Nusantara in Johorbahru and Kedah (Malaysia), Pertemuan Penyair Nusantara (Poets Gathering ) in Medan , Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam, dan Palembang Then Temu Sastrawan Indonesia in Jambi and Tanjungpinang, Kongres Cerpen (Short Story Congress) in Bali, Riau, and Banjarmasin, and a number of other cities in Indonesia.

Mailing address : Dewan Kesenian Lampung (Lampung Art Council) Jl Gedung Sumpah Pemuda Kompleks PKOR Wayhalim, Bandarlampung. Telephn (handphone) 081369071049 and 085658759350 email isbedyst@yahoo.com dan isbedy_stiawan@yahoo.com.

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